Why Choose Us?

What makes a CD/DVD duplication company better than its competitors?

It starts with customer service. At Brand Marketing Agency, we believe that customers need to be informed of all of the options and processes included in the CD/DVD duplication project. We provide you with a project manager who will handle your project personally. Our team of CD/DVD duplication experts is extremely knowledgeable of the industry, pricing and our processes. This allows you as a duplication customer to rest assured that you will receive a top quality product with a fast turn-around.

We are able to service clients nationwide with fast-turnaround for their duplication and replication projects. Our usual turn-around time for duplication projects is approximately 48-72 hours. Each CD/DVD duplication project is different and turn times may slightly vary. Our state of the art duplication facility located in Jacksonville, Florida allows us to boast some of the fastest turn-times in the industry.
At our Jacksonville CD/DVD Duplication location, we use the highest quality equipment and media for your project. Each unit is tested and verified prior to shipping. Every unit produced is a quality product that we can stand behind. Contact us today for all of your CD/DVD duplication and replication needs.

Excellent Customer Service + Fast Turn Around + Top Quality = Brand Marketing Agency CD/DVD Duplication

Our services are used by large and small corporations, music labels, and the software industry. Clone business card CDs, Dupe mini CDR, CD Replication, media printing.

Our company is one the fastest growing CD duplication companies; with advanced duplication technology, we will make yourCD or DVD duplication project easy and pleasant with low cost duplication and blank media pricing.
Our CD-R Burning and printing services are ideal for smaller runs and tight deadlines.