What is CD Duplication?

CD Duplication is the process of burning data onto a recordable CD-R and is typically used for smaller runs of up to 1000 discs. The process of CD duplication is the most popular method of CD manufacturing. This technique, more commonly referred to as ‘burning’ has entered the public consciousness whereby optical disc authoring software is used to transfer information to discs such as CD-Rs. CD duplication has become part of the lives of people across the globe as they create copies of their albums or software for a number of different reasons

CD Duplication is an affordable option for customers looking to make a small run of discs (even as few as one). A recordable disc (CD-R, DVD-R or BD-R) is “burned” with your content directly onto our top-quality blank media.

CD duplication is the cost effective method of copying smaller quantities of discs, usually up to 500. CD replication is a very quick and cost-effective production method for larger quantities of discs (1000 or more). Due to the high setup costs this type of production is not suitable for smaller production runs. We recommended CD replication for disk quantities over 500 for the efficient results.  At these volumes CD duplication is a more cost effective method of production. It results in the form of DVDs which are available in the store.

We can save you time and effort with our professional in-house CD duplication equipment. Capable of duplicating 1000’s of CDs day and night to ensure that you’ll never miss your deadline.

DVD duplication is the standard in which smaller quantities of DVDs are manufactured. CD Duplication is suitable for copying CDs in quantities of 1-499 units. When duplicating short-runs of CDs, the quantities are not sufficient to justify the cost of creating a glass master and pressing the CDs. Therefore, we use the finest quality CD-Rs and burn the data from the master, using digital printing for a shop-ready look.

CD Duplication can be used to accurately reproduce any form of audio and is especially popular for music. Many bands and artists use CD Duplication for their singles, or even limited-edition albums. In addition to music, CD Duplication can be used to reproduce data. This could mean duplicating a full blown CD-ROM (containing software, presentations, interactive material, PDFs, images or educational material) or simply to back up or share smaller-scale productions such as wedding videos, photos or other material. CD Duplication can be used to copy any CD containing up to 650MB of data (74 minutes of music).

The process of CD replication may often be confused with CD duplication but it is important to recognize that there are significant technical and practical differences between the two. The DVD duplication and CD duplication process is simply a basic copy but the CD replication and DVD replication process requires greater technical work to produce an exact copy. The creation of an exact copy means that the CD will work in any number of players whereas with CD duplication

Our mission is to provide high quality, excellent customer service and prices that are among the best. We believe you don't have to sacrifice quality and service for a low price. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services and our prices. In fact, we will meet or beat any advertised price for the products we offer. With par-excellence services and unbeatable prices. We really worked hard to provide you an efficient environment by our process of CD duplication.

What makes a CD/DVD duplication company better than its competitors?

It starts with customer service. At Brand Marketing Agency, we believe that customers need to be informed of all of the options and processes included in the CD/DVD duplication project. We provide you with a project manager who will handle your project personally. Our team of CD/DVD duplication experts is extremely knowledgeable of the industry, pricing and our processes. This allows you as a duplication customer to rest assured that you will receive a top quality product with a fast turn-around.

We are able to service clients nationwide with fast-turnaround for their duplication and replication projects. Our usual turn-around time for duplication projects is approximately 48-72 hours. Each CD/DVD duplication project is different and turn times may slightly vary. Our state of the art duplication facility located in Jacksonville, Florida allows us to boast some of the fastest turn-times in the industry.

At our Jacksonville CD/DVD Duplication location, we use the highest quality equipment and media for your project. Each unit is tested and verified prior to shipping. Every unit produced is a quality product that we can stand behind. Contact us today for all of your CD/DVD duplication and replication needs.

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Our CD-R Burning and printing services are ideal for smaller runs and tight deadlines.