CD Replication

The CD Replication is the physical production process involves taking you data which can be anything from CD Audio to an Interactive CD-ROM (with ROM standing read only memory) and creating a glass master.

The glass master is made of glass that has been coated by a chemical, which is burned off with a laser. The glass master is a 'negative' of the CD and it is then coated with a molten nickel compound and turned into a ‘stamper’. The stamper punches tiny pits in the production CDs that use molten aluminum as the reflective surface and polycarbonate for the remainder of the disc.

After we have replicated the disc we then silk screen print or litho print directly onto the face of the disc. We can print from one to six colors either using CMYK process or spot color Pantone.

CD replication is a very quick and cost-effective production method for larger quantities of discs (1000 or more). Due to the high setup costs this type of production is not suitable for smaller production runs. We recommended CD replication for disk quantities over 500 for the efficient results.  At these volumes CD Replication a more cost effective method of production. It results in the form of CD which is available in the store.

With CD replication you have the ability to include video, audio and interactive content such as flash or virtual tours, the possibilities for your CD-ROM are endless. We offer highly competitive prices for CD-ROM replication, making it a very viable alternative to print for distributing your marketing materials.

Idea Replication is one of the few companies offering replication services that can handle feature film size quantities and a diverse range of products. We can handle any size job, from ten to thousands. We accomplish this by employing a team of professionals with a diverse background in advertising, video and audio post production, independent music production and recording.

The process of CD replication may often be confused with CD duplication but it is important to recognize that there are significant technical and practical differences between the two. The DVD duplication and CD duplication process is simply a basic copy but the CD replication and DVD replication process requires greater technical work to produce an exact copy. The creation of an exact copy means that the CD will work in any number of players whereas with CD duplication

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We can save you time and effort with our professional in-house CD replication equipment; whether you want CD-ROMs for management training or advertising products or you want to release your latest rock album, we can help with all your CD replication needs.

CD replication is the ideal way to produce large runs of CDs in a cost effective way. By using this process of CD Replication we can have the best and high quality sounded CDs. We really worked hard to provide you easy and efficient environment by the process of CD replication.